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Benefits Of Your Quit Smoking App


The 20 to quit smoking app helps users quit smoking or at least cut down.You don’t have to give up straight away. Instead 20 to quit helps the user cut down slowly taking it day by day, building up strength to finally saying no to cigarettes for good

The 20 to quit app notifies you when you have reached your target time since your last cigarette, so until you get your notification you try to hold off smoking a cigarette.
The 20 to quit app displays progress made since you have started using the 20 to quit app.
The 20 to quit app allows you to manually set your time between cigarettes if you are happy to cut down on the cigarettes.
The 20 to quit app allows you to share your progress with all your friends on facebook and twitter

Home Page

The home page displays the key features of the app, they include

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The main button which you push every time you have a cigarette. It will be green if you’ve reached your target time and red if it’s not time to have a cigarette. It also shows the user how long before your next cigarette how much time has lapsed since there last cigarette and the number of cigarettes smoked the day. A daily target is displayed along with money spent in the day and money saved to date.

Progress Page

Review your sucess to date.

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The progress page informs you of every cigarette you have smoked and the time of that cigarette. It also has a great graph which on one line shows you each days targets and on the other line shows you how many you have smoked on each day. You can move the graph over to see all your progress on previous days. On the graph it also has a week view and a month view. So if you’d like to compare day, week or months smoking it can all be done from here.

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Within the settings page you will find some of the great features you can use

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  • Reset all your settings, If you would like to start again just reset all your settings and go again.
  • Setting type, by default the app is set to Auto mode. If a user would like to custom set they can do so by clicking on the manual button which will open a manual setting on the bottom of page which the user can pick their time between cigarettes and if they want to increase the time each day. This is a great feature for users who would just like to cut down on the number of cigarette smoked or move at a faster pace or slower pace than the default.
  • Share on facebook and twitter with all your friends to see how well you are doing.
  • Support/ feedback, This is the link if you have any questions, queries or comments about the app. We at 20 to quit welcome all feedback and support.


In the more page you will find some of our great smoking tips and reasons why to quit

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  • Very helpful for users when they decide to take that step to cutting down or to being a non smoker. There are some great smoking facts and benefits .
  • A weekly summary advises the user how many cigarettes have been smoked and how much it has cost in a weekly display.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help people to quit cigarettes. As everyone already knows, cigarettes are very bad for your heath and also can be a very expensive habit.
Coming from a smoking background and knowing the difficulties involved in given up we came up with a simply solution that works very well on the road to being smoke free.

Our Solution

We have came up with a simple exercise within our 20 to quit app that has been designed for Apple and Android. Its really easy to use and its proven to making the process of quitting smoking much easier..

Easy To Use

So from the first day the you start to use the app you sill start to save on your health. You will also see the rewards financially as well.

Lifetime Support

The 20 to quit app helps you to break your cravings and smoking habit. Building up your strength enough, assisting you to say no for good.

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About Our 20 To Quit App

Our app helps you cut down and make it easier to finally give up.

Using the app you get to time your cigarettes, you smoke only when the notification alerts you or the light is green in the home page.

To cut Down to Stop is an approach that’s clinically proven to help you reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke compared to willpower alone, making it easier to quit smoking when you’re ready.

The app helps you break habit, change your smoking routine and saves you money from the first day you start to use it.

It saves your health from the first day you use the app.

The app doesn’t tell you to stop straight away. It simply trains you to say no until you get your alert and you can then have a cigarette. It’s really a self training exercise for smokers.

It helps you to break habits by telling you when you’re target is reached since your last cigarette.

The app starts you off slowly by cutting down and eventually giving you the power to give them up completely.

Each time you resist a tobacco craving, you’re one step closer to stopping smoking or other tobacco use for good.

If you feel like you’re going to give in to your tobacco craving, Look at your app and see how long you have left until your next cigarette and then do something to distract yourself for that period of time. This simple trick may be enough to derail your tobacco craving. Repeat as often as needed.

You can set the time to automatically change each day so the time till your next cigarette is longer and then you eventually get to the stage where you really can say that you want no more and can give up for good.

Some users are happy to just cut down with the 20 to Quit app.


What Does The 20toquit App Do?

20 to quit is an app to help people who want to cut down or give up smoking, saving there health and also saving them money.

What Details Do You Have To Give When Registering?

We do not ask any personal details. When registering with 20 to quit you simply add the amount you smoke per day, hours smoking cigarettes per day, price of cigarettes and how many in a packet.

What Happens If I Forget To Press The Button To Say I Have Smoked A Cigarette?

To get the best results from the app we would recommend that you record each and every cigarette you have within the app. There will be occasions when you forget to press the button. If this happens you can press the button repeatedly to indicate the number of cigarettes smoked to bring your total up to date. The more details you include the easier it will be for the app to assist you in quitting smoking altogether.

What Is The Purpose Of The Quit App?

The purpose of this quit smoking app is to help you to cut down smoking and make the process of giving up smoking easier for the user.

Will It Help Me Give Up The Cigarettes?

It will only assist you to quit cigarettes working to help you to cut down slowly and train you to say no to cigarettes. Ultimately the decision to quit smoking is down to the user and their commitment to quit. The 20ToQuit app assists you by extending the time smoked between cigarettes to a point when you no longer should crave a cigarette.

Do I Have To Stick To The Program Of The 20 To Quit App?

No, there is also a manual setting that you can set if you’re happy just to cut down on smoking cigarettes.

How Much Does It Cost?

It costs a very small fee for what it does. Stick with the program and you’ll pay for it in the first day or 2 with your savings.

How Hard Is The App?

It’s quite an easy process for quitting smoking. but It only assists you by setting targets and letting you know when you’re target is reached since your last cigarette. This simple exercise is just enough to derail someone’s cravings.

What Is The Science Behind The App 20 To Quit?

The science of the app is that every craving you get through without smoking a cigarette, your a step closer to finally giving them up. To cut Down to Stop is an approach that’s clinically proven to help you reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke compared to willpower alone, making it easier to quit smoking when you’re ready. With the app it gives you the help you need to finally say no to cigarettes.

How Can I See The Progress I'm Making?

You can see your progress within 20toquit app. You can see the time of each cigarette smoked, you can see you daily progress, weekly progress, and monthly progress…

Can I Share My Progress On Facebook?

Yes there is a function within the settings menu which you can press to share your progress on Facebook. We recommend using this as it can in some cases motivate you to do well.

Does The App Show Me The Savings I Make When I Cut Down Smoking?

Yes you can see your savings. You can see your daily savings, weekly saving and how much you have saved since you began to use the app.

Can The App Tell Me How Much Money I'm Wasting By Smoking?

Yes it shows you how much money you spend each day on cigarettes.

Can I Tweet About My Progress?

Yes there is a function within the settings menu which you can press to tweet your progress on Twitter. We recommend using this as it can in some cases motivate you to do well.

Can I Leave Feedback About The 20 To Quit App?

Yes we welcome any feed back. You can email any feedback to support@20toquit.ie

If I Have A Question Can I Get Support From 20toquit?

Yes. You can contact our support team atsupport@20toquit.ie We welcome and questions or queries you may have.

Is There Any Tips On Helping With The Cravings From Smoking Within The App?

Yes we have a page within the more section that gives you tips on dealing with tobacco cravings. We also have a page for benefits, reasons why you should quit cigarette smoking and smoking facts.

Can I Set The 20 To Quit App To Give Me A Notification When I Have Reached My Target Time Since My Last Cigarette.

Yes the app has a setting you can set for a push notification to inform you that you’ve reached your target time since your last cigarette. You can also switch this off but we recommend you leave it on so it can notify you and you get all the benefits from the app. Alternatively you can go into the app to see if your target time is reached or how long you have left until your next cigarette.


Have to say this app has being a great help. I gave up 8 months ago and now still off them. Thank you 20 to quit

Patrica C

Hi, i downloaded app in june 2015 and im now 4 months of cigarettes. It helped me to cut down at first and then made me realize all i could achieve if i gave them up fully…. Great quit smoking app.. 10/10

John D

This is a cool app for smokers. Made quitting so so easy!!!!!!!

Petes H

Hi 20toquit. I would like to thank you for designing an app to really work wonders for me. I struggled with smoking for 30 years and thanks to you’s i can say im a none smoker. Thanks so much once again 20toquit.

Jenny S

Great app. Tell you when you can have your next smoke and breaks habits like smoking in the car or after a meal.

Bob Ft L

Have tried various ways of cutting down my cigarette habit.I have to say this app has helped me alot.Great motivation to keep me going & save a few euro.User friendly interface to track your progress.

eunan h

Worked very well for cutting down and then gave up easily. Would highly recommend

denise d

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